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The Only Spiritual Corporate Wellness Program That Continues To Empower Employees Long After We Work Together

Well From Within program differs from typical yo-yo corporate employee programs and continues to get results long after we're done working together.

"Sarah designed and launched our ‘Well from Within’ Corporate Wellness program. Corporate Wellness programs were still quite new, and the Well From Within program was unique in concept and design. This got us on the ‘wellness for team members’ path, and we’ve been building on this program ever since. It was foundational. It’s one of the key elements of making Price an employer-of-choice in the community, and helps with attraction, retention and productivity."

Joe Cyr President Price Industries Limited

See How Our Process Works

Step 1: Assess

Do I deep dive into your business to clear up any physical or energetic blockages

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Step 2: Plan

Build a plan that will continue to grow company culture long after we're gone

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Step 3: Launch

Launch your wellness program an watch your employees thrive

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 "I have known Sarah since 2015. Sarah has an amazing ability to sense what it is that you need based on not solely her own intuition but her obvious connection to something much greater and ubiquitous amongst all humans from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds. By giving me what I needed in the moment, whether those were the appropriate words, or even the mental space I needed, she was a positively contributing force in my development as a spiritual being, as an entrepreneur , as a healer and as a good person. I highly recommend working with Sarah as away to bring you to the next level or stage that you may or may not know exists."

Lorman Ip Founder & CEO of Live Kombucha

This Will Help You With All Things:

Lower churn rates

You'll save tens of thousands, otherwise waisted onboarding new employees by keeping and maintaining a higher quality team

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Attract better employees

With your employees raving about your company culture, you'll be able to attract the best

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5x each employees productivity

No more lazy emplyees that watch the clock go by. Your team will be purpose-driven and fulfilled by their job

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The Brand New Way Of Doing This

The Old Way Is Dead

Hyping up employees, no clear system to build upon, results crash after just a few days

This Way Is The Future

A clear system that will continuously grow and empower employees' success far after we're done

Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Company Culture?

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